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IRS and Treasury Release the Latest State-By-State Economic Impact Payment Figures

The Treasury Department and the IRS released updated state-by-state figures for Economic Impact Payments (EIPs) on May 22nd, reflecting the opening weeks of the program.

Along with the announcement came the following quote from IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig:

“Economic Impact Payments have continued going out at a rapid rate to Americans across the country. We remind people to visit IRS.gov for the latest information, including answers to the most common questions we see surrounding the payments. We also continue to urge those who don’t normally have a filing requirement, including those with little or no income, that they can quickly register for the payments on IRS.gov.”

Millions of people who are typically non-filers are still eligible to receive these EIPs.

The payments are automatic for the following groups:
  • People who filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019 
  • Recipients of Social Security retirement, survivor or disability benefits (SSDI) and Railroad Retirement benefits 
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Veterans Affairs beneficiaries who didn’t file a tax return in the last two years 
For those who do not fit into these groups (i.e. anyone who doesn’t receive federal benefits and didn’t have a filing obligation in 2018 or 2019), the IRS “continues to encourage them to visit the Non-Filer tool at IRS.gov so they can quickly register for Economic Impact Payments.” People can continue to receive these payments throughout 2020.

The following chart shows the Economic Impact Payment totals by state.

State State postal code Total Number of EIP Payments Total Amount of EIP Payments
Alabama AL  2,332,771 $ 3,988,469,624
Alaska AK 333,429 $ 580,774,111
Arizona  AZ 3,242,043 $ 5,573,167,261
Arkansas AR 428,624 $ 2,496,524,966
California CA 16,869,636 $ 27,897,283,972
Colorado CO 2,605,089 $ 4,407,408,401
Connecticut CT 1,601,397 $ 2,609,644,445
Delaware DE 463,653 $ 778,262,906
District of Columbia DC 308,306 $ 421,734,460
Florida FL 10,618,792 $ 17,546,164,251
Georgia GA 4,763,109 $ 8,081,253,826
Hawaii HI 691,424 $ 1,179,264,436
Iowa IA 1,477,214  $ 2,660,402,672
Idaho ID 808,118 $ 1,512,453,150
Illinois IL 5,729,351 $ 9,630,495,809 
Indiana IN 3,174,698 $ 5,613,824,661
Kansas KS 1,310,151 $ 2,359,448,490
Kentucky KY 2,199,370 $ 3,824,826,391
Louisiana LA 2,186,332  $ 3,680,836,165
Maine ME 714,941  $ 1,215,239,330
Maryland MD 2,692,062 $ 4,380,831,484
Massachusetts MA 3,136,787 $ 5,028,963,151
Michigan MI 4,813,156 $ 8,286,614,929
Minnesota MN 2,613,771 $ 4,577,086,990
Mississippi MS 1,427,440 $ 2,422,655,854
Missouri MO 2,933,973 $ 5,118,911,639
Montana MT 527,902 $ 932,003,084
Nebraska NE 887,877 $ 1,611,581,538
Nevada NV 1,496,510 $ 2,484,078,422
New Hampshire NH 676,004 $ 1,139,776,925
New Jersey NJ 3,955,396 $ 6,507,621,505
New Mexico NM 997,072 $ 1,684,917,178
New York NY 9,341,632 $ 15,034,060,259
North Carolina NC 4,820,974 $ 8,264,415,092
North Dakota ND 354,768 $ 632,983,746
Ohio OH 5,828,477 $ 9,833,041,489
Oklahoma OK 1,799,803 $ 3,190,860,867
Oregon OR 2,031,861 $ 3,425,278,483
Pennsylvania PA 6,258,107 $ 10,596,406,088
Rhode Island RI 536,218 $ 869,615,684
South Carolina SC 2,443,864 $ 4,174,979,940
South Dakota SD 416,962 $ 759,483,658
Tennessee TN 3,305,606 $ 5,693,071,645
Texas TX 12,396,590 $ 21,635,810,592
Utah UT 1,287,162 $ 2,494,199,291
Vermont VT 327,867 $ 555,841,287
Virginia VA 3,796,975 $ 6,447,589,217
Washington WA 3,453,810 $ 5,876,091,642
West Virginia WV 913,264 $ 1,578,210,674
Wisconsin WI 2,817,912 $ 4,948,382,340
Wyoming WY 270,626 $ 488,905,666
Foreign Addresses 748,724 $ 1,222,795,510

More information and guidance on Economic Impact Payments can be found here.

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